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At Wertz & Schemmel Dental Associates, patient satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team of highly qualified experts contribute to our growing reputation as one of the most trusted dental clinics in the Dubuque area. We offer comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages.

Our Services: Services
Dental Surgery


Dental Implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for the replacement of missing teeth. At Wertz & Schemmel Dental Associates, we work with the top specialists in the area to coordinate the placement and restoration of implants in order to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Call today to schedule an exam and consultation to see if dental implants are an option for you!

Female white toothy smile


At Wertz & Schemmel Dental associates we are proud to offer the Opalesence line of whitening products from Ultradent, the industry leader in at-home tooth whitening. From whitestrips to custom fitted whitening trays, we have the resources to fit your needs and budget to make your smile truly brilliant.


Nitrous oxide sedation is a fantastic option to help reduce anxiety and increase patient comfort during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide provides a safe, effective, and simple sedation option without many of the potential complications and longer-lasting effects of more complicated sedation alternatives. With nitrous oxide sedation, you're even able to drive yourself home after your visit! If you have dental anxiety, and are interested in having your dental needs.

Dental Assistant


Our office features fully digital intra-oral and panoramic radiographs in order to provide the most accurate and clear images with minimal radiation delivered to the patient. Our digital system allows us to easily capture, store, and review your x-rays so that you can have a more complete understanding of your oral health and treatment needs.



Ceramic restorations provide patients with a highly esthetic option to repair damaged teeth, or change the appearance of poorly shaped, colored, or positioned teeth. Our team works closely with the most trusted dental laboratories in the area to create crowns and veneers that blend seamlessly with your existing smile.

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